Code Liens: How They Happen and What to Do About Them!

There are many factors that can make selling a house difficult. Most cities have certain regulations which state that properties must be maintained according to standards set by the governing municipality. This can be as minor as mowing the lawn, replacing broken windows, or fixing chipped paint. It can also refer to larger maintenance or compliance issues, such as tarps over leaking roofs, securing the property after severe damage, or removing an illegal living unit. St Petersburg is no exception, and if you are issued with an order to rectify a problem, you need to do so, or risk being issued a code lien from the City.

What is a code lien, and what effect does it have?

Essentially, it is a fine levied on the owner of a property if they do not comply with the property regulations, and it can have serious repercussions.

Let’s say you are the owner of a house in St Petersburg. You received a “Notice” in that mail that an improvement to the property is illegal / unpermitted, or maybe you may have paintwork that is outside the condition required by the local code requirements. Either of these scenarios are applicable and common.

According to the Notice, you have been ordered to repair within a given time. If you don’t comply, you will be issued a code lien, which is a monetary fine assessed against your  property, which must be cleared in order to sell a property with clear title. These liens range in value, but typically begin around $500. However, this amount can increase over time if not paid.

A code lien will accrue interest the longer it is left unattended to, and the amount owed can significantly increase.

It can also reduce the profit you may make on selling, or make the property impossible to sell as the lien is attached to it. So you end up asking how do I sell my house in St Petersburg when it is encumbered by this code lien?

That’s where we come in! As professional real estate investors, we are experienced in working with local code enforcement boards, including the City of St Pete, to remedy and remove these liens. Oftentimes it requires the work to be performed correctly and with a permit as necessary, which can be an enormous financial burden and effort on the homeowners behalf. That is why we buy houses in St Petersburg in any state of repair, and even if they have a code lien attached! Here’s how we work.

How Do I Sell My Property?

Talk to one of our team and we’ll be happy to explain our process. We are the leading cash home buyers St Petersburg Fl. Property owners turn to when they want a quick cash sale at the right price, and we do away with the need to engage a realtor and pay them commissions. We will take on your house no matter the state it is in, and we guarantee that – as with all of our satisfied clients – we will work with you in an honest and fair fashion to help you sell your home fast.

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