Sell My House Fast St Petersburg – How long until closing?

You’ve signed a contract– now what?


Once a contract has been executed, there are a number of items that must be completed by the title company in order to ensure that the property is clear of liens.

Title Search

A title search is ordered to research the history of transactions and liens that show up on the property’s history. This will show if there are any outstanding mortgages owed, if ownership has been properly conveyed in previous transactions, and detail any other liens filed in public records against the property.

Municipal Lien Search

A municipal lien search will oftentimes be ordered to show any special assessments, outstanding utility bills, or open permits on the property.

Payoff from Lender

If applicable, the title company will need to order a payoff from the lender to obtain the accurate outstanding balance on the mortgage against the property.

These are a handful of the standard steps the are conducted by the title company between execution of the contract until closing. If you have any questions, we would be happy to discuss further! Contact us to chat about how quickly you can sell your house fast in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, or the surrounding areas!