Selling a Tenant Occupied Property

Selling a Tenant Occupied Property


When a home is occupied by a tenant, it can present a number of considerations that differ from a typical sale of a vacant or owner-occupied property. Prior to closing, various questions must be answered such as: is the tenant current on rent payment? Is the lease active or expired? Are the lease terms written or oral? Is there an agreed upon security deposit of lease end date?


What if the tenant is delinquent on rent or uncooperative?


In most cases, a property can be nearly unmarketable with an uncooperative tenant. They can present difficulties in accessing the unit for showings, and create additional expenses for repairs or potential eviction proceedings. If you feel stuck with a tenant that is not complying with the terms of your lease agreement, we can help! We specialize in the purchase of tenant occupied properties and have an established management system in place that allows us to remedy these situations.

If you have specific questions about a home, whether it has tenants or not, contact us today! We are happy to provide a free evaluation of the property and will make you a fair offer to buy the home– and you pay no closing costs!

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